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I work with children and adults who have tried everything--self-help books, talk or play therapy, yoga, meditation, medication--but can't break free of feeling scared, worried, and out of control, even when life is going well. I help clients let go of stuck feelings and reactions, and learn new ways to help the mind and body feel calm and safe.


I love to see clients move from self-doubt to self-compassion and confidence; from fear to a sense of safety and openness; from racy thoughts to a calm mind. 


If you would like to find that feeling of calm and peace—mind, body, and spirit— for yourself or your child and to deepen the joy you feel in life and in relationships with others, please contact me


All my best! 



Ohio License LISW-S  I.1600.113.SUPV 

California License LCS24374

Judi Levy Headshot 2019.jpg
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